Congregation Journey

Be faithful and bold, make room for conversation.

Below is an example of how one church introduced and discerned the call to Restorative Actions.

Learning & Exploration

    • Engage a team of people who are passionate about restorative actions, to explore what it could mean for your congregation.
    • Center on what Jesus expects from us in our relationships with others.
    • Listen to voices of African Americans & Indigenous people.
    • Seek to understand the history of oppression in the U.S. and the churches’ complicity.


Anonymous Questions

    • Like many conversations about money, this may be uncomfortable for some or many. 
    • Create an option for parishioners to submit questions anonymously and address those questions in live learning sessions and with written feedback.


Small Group Conversations

    • When meetings and learning sessions have great attendance, break into small groups of 4-5.
    • Take notes of affirmations, concerns, and questions and share with advocates to ensure follow-up.


1:1 Conversations

    • Offer one on one conversations to Ruling Elders and parishioners for questions, concerns, and affirmations.


Session Votes

    • The Session made the decision after a number of meetings and dedicated time of discernment.
    • Breaking into smaller groups for initial discussions was important to ensure all voices were heard.


Have Faith

    • Surrendering is not easy when we do not have absolute clarity of the outcome, we must have faith.

V1.0: 3.3.21

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