Restorative Actions: Surrendering wealth for mutual well being

Restorative action is a racial equity initiative born from the intersection of theology, justice, and economics.  It allows U.S. Americans who benefit from institutional racism, to provide credible witness for justice by surrendering ill-gotten gains toward the establishment of just relationships with our Afro-American & Indigenous communities.

What wealth is ill-gotten?

The portion of wealth that can be attributed to systemic racism in the U.S. equates to
16% of net worth or 5% of income across white households.

Source: Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances; U.S. Census HH-7 Report; Indigenous Net Worth estimated based on relative ratio of median incomes from

Est Ave = Estimate Average; HH = Households.

What are the trusts and who will direct them?

There are two trusts, one directed by and for the benefit of Indigenous people and the other directed by and for the benefit of Afro-Americans.
Each trust will be comprised of and led by individuals that are representative of the communities the trusts are intended to benefit.
These trustees will make ALL decisions about distributions.

Restorative Fund for Indigenous Individuals & Communities 

Whose stated purpose is to increase opportunities to flourish for Indigenous individuals and communities.  

Restorative Fund for Afro-American Individuals & Communities

Whose stated purpose is to resume the work left undone at Emancipation to increase opportunities to flourish for the heirs of the Afro-Americans whose ability to accumulate generational wealth was severely restricted through the denial of equal protection under the law.

to participate

Individuals, congregations, mid-councils, and others can witness against injustice by surrendering wealth or income proportionate with the advantages that privileges have afforded to two private charitable trusts.


Over $800,000 has been surrendered as of March 1, 2021.